Luke Hively Dallas BASE Crew

Luke Hively

Luke Hively made his first 86 skydives in 1983 in his mother's womb and grew up on an airport as the child of two accomplished skydivers. With a prenatal addiction to flying and adventures, he constantly idolized his parents, and it was only a matter of time before he would follow in their footsteps. He started skydiving at 15, then started BASE jumping in 2004, jumping the necessary Building, Antenna, Span, & Earth to earn his BASE number (#1017) and Night BASE number. With over 2,500 jumps and 14 years in the sport he has earned a silver medal (Freefly) at the U.S. National Championships, two gold medals (Freefly), and three Largest Formation Records (Freefly & RW). He's a freefly organizer, wingsuit organizer, and wingsuit coach at Skydive Dallas; has sponsorships with Drift Innovation, X-Treme Video, Skydive Dallas, and Storrie Parachute Works; and he's a founding member of Dallas BASE Crew. Luke passionately follows his dream to live an adventurous life while traveling the globe with his best friends. When he's not flying, his day-to-day activities include mountain biking & rock climbing.